Monday, September 21, 2020

What is Street Photography?

-"Street Photography lives in intersection
of documentary and photojournalism.
It´s the Poetic Cousin of the Bunch."

For the life of me I can´t remember who
said that but it´s very well put IMHO. 

Canon EOS 5D markII Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8 L

35mm f6.3 1/320sec. ISO3200 Aperature Priority

To Purist street photography is pouring rain, it´s dark and you´re in New York or London. Leica rangefind 35mm filmcamera with Leica Noctilux 50mm f/1.2 Aspherical lens. And Ilford HP5 ISO400 bnw film. Manual settings with Manual focus. You develope your film yourself and make bnw prints in your own darkroom. To a Museum Grade fiber paper. That´s your true Street Photography from a Meat Eating White Heterosexual Male. On stereoids.

And then there´s us rest. Digital Camera, decent lens, post processing and Color Photography. You can always delete colors if need be, you know? And bnw is so passé anyways, it´s 2020 not 1950.

Any thoughts on Street Photography?

Bike n´ hike

 Me and my regular biking- and hiking-buddy went to Tiirismaa-area for a hike around lake Iso Tiilijärvi. To start with we hiked this wooden platform over this swamp. Nice way to not get your feet wet. We headed for that hill on horizon. The radio- and tv-mast on it is locaded on highest hill in Southern Finland. And it´s whopping 327m tall and it´s tallest structure in Finland. It serves some 400 000 peoples tv- and radio-signals.

24mm f2.8 1/2500sec. ISO400

We headed to this sightseeing place looking over the lake. No need to sit on the ground fortunetly. We had coffee and sandwiches while enjoying autumn nature. 10+km biking and 7846 steps in the Nature. I was so beat I left my bike with my mate for safekeeping and came home by a bus. 

45mm f2.8 1/800sec. ISO400 (-f1)

This one´s for My Corner of the World and Skywatch Friday this week.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Autumn Blue

From archive, 9/09 almost to date. Horrible autumn weather outside, thence archive. Birds are strarting to gather for long fly to south. First yellows in leafs, crisp weather. Last chances to bicycle this year.

This one´s for Skywatch Friday this week.

40mm f5 1/2500sec. ISO100 (-f1.3)


Monday, September 14, 2020

Autumn is upon us

Me and my regular biking buddy went for picnic in woods at Hollola, near Pirunpesä (Devil´s Nest). Open fire and meaty sausages, mustard and coffee for dessert, yam! 

Last times this year for biking. Autumn is lots of rain and wind. This good days are few and far between this time a year. And then there´s winter, if it never comes. It didn´t last "winter", 👍👍 for this winter. But let´s enjoy rest of the autumn first.

Couple of km walking in a rough terrain and 20+km of bicycling. I´m exhausted.

This one´s for My Corner of the World this week.

70mm f4 1/800sec. ISO400

Monday, September 7, 2020

UFO in autumn skies

Today I picked up my bicycle from local bike shop. I had a flat rear tire and took it there to be repaired. Costed mere 25€ and it was fast and good service. I went bicycling with this lady here. We stopped at local kiosk and had croisants and coffee. So nice weather we consumed ém outdoors. Can you guestimate her age? I would love to hear your opinion in comments.

40mm f5.6 1/2500sec. ISO400 

As we bicycled to this  just opened, new, fleamarket I saw this cloud here. You can also see 150m tall Lahti longwave transmitters on that hill at horizon near Downtown Lahti, Finland. Click for bigger pic and better view. A rare view, you don´t see clouds like that very often. Thinfoil hat warning! 👽

40mm f5.6 1/2500sec. ISO400

This one for My Corner of the World and Skywatch Friday this week.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Pepsi Tsunami

For a couple of years now seems like every other watch manufacturer is riding "the Pepsi wave". Pepsi is a nickname of red and blue bazel of the watch. The First One, the Original was a Rolex GMT Master back in 1954 I believe it was. Real mania happened couple of years ago when Rolex released GMT Master II. After that hole lot of manufacturers made homages and they are flying outta shelves apparently. Here´s a list of  so called Pepsi watches. Not all GMTs but the color combination is there. I´m sure the list is incomplete and I´ve missed some but these are what I found from good ´ol interweb.
  • Boldr
  • Bliker
  • Christopher Ward
  • Davosa
  • Deep Blue
  • Gorgeut
  • Invicta
  • Leijona
  • Mathey-Tissot
  • Nameless piece from China
  • Orient
  • Pagani Design
  • Parnis
  • Rolex
  • Rotary
  • Seiko
  • Squale
  • Steinhart
  • Stuhrling
  • Swiss Alpine Military by Crovana
  • Tag Heuer
  • Tiger Concept
  • Timex
  • Tudor
  • Winner
  • Yema

For Myself I choosed Swiss Alpine Military by Cronava. A Swiss Made watch with Ronda quatz movement 515.24H. A Pepsi and a GMT. I listed 13 details I like about the Watch and couple of things that could be even better. All and all I love this watch.

4mm f2 1/100sec. ISO64 + flash

Will this madness end? My 8th wrist watch and counting. I´m in a honeymoon state with this beauty. So plenty of wrist time in near future. She´s a real looker, ain´t she? You can find rest of my watches in this link if you´re interested.

A Gentleman should have; an English Butler, a German Car, an Italian Girlfriend and a Swiss Watch. Well I have the Watch, everything else has yet to come.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Camera

I have a decade old camera, Canon EOS 5D Mark.II. Back in a day it was best DSRL ever made. Still beats the hell outta hobbyist cameras in image quality. Newer version of this camera has wifi, don´t need it. It has gps also, don´t need that either. Bluetooth I don´t need either. It has more focusing points than U.N. has nations. Don´t need them either. 40some  megapixels? No, 20mp is plenty. 20frames/sec. no use to me either. Touch Sreen? No need. Tilting Screen, Nope. Nothing to make my photos any better, really. I´ll stick to this Gun I have and no need for worries anytime soon. In camera wise. Namaste! My hole camera gear can be found in this link if you´re interested in the technical bits.

40mm f2.8 1/40sec. ISO3200